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Elevate Your Business with these Real Estate Marketing Tips

The Real Estate world is competitive, and nowadays, you need to step up your game…

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2021 Year End Review

2021 was a big year for Duratus Properties! While the world dealt with the COVID-19…

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4 Reasons You Need an LLC for Your Investment Properties

An important consideration when starting to invest in real estate is considering the best legal…

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Flipping a House While 39 Weeks Pregnant

In Episode 7 of Makin Mobile, Maura, and the Duratus Properties team flip a house while 39 weeks pregnant in Theodore, Alabama. It was a race against the clock to get this project done before the baby arrived!
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Flipping a House with a POOL

the Duratus Properties team and Realtor Lauren Jones take on another flip project in Daphne, Alabama with a POOL! We show you how we turned a house with ZERO curb appeal into the most beautiful house on the block!
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Flipping a House with a $10,000 Deck Rebuild

 In episode 5 of Makin Mobile, the Duratus Properties team and Realtor Lauren Jones tackle a flip project in Daphne, Alabama. We show you how the house looked before, during, and after our renovation. 
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Makin Mobile Prosper

In episode 4 of Makin Mobile, we speak to two key leaders in Mobile about projects that are having a big economic impact on the city: Fred Rendfrey, Director of Economic Development, Downtown Mobile Alliance Judy Adams, Vice President, Internal / External Affairs, Alabama State Port Authority
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Makin Mobile Beautiful

In episode 3 of Makin Mobile, we speak to the following three leaders from the…

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Finding a Good Investment Property

In this second episode of Makin Mobile, we are working with a first-time investor, Nathan Marlow, and realtor Lauren Jones to find the right property for Nathan to begin his real estate investment journey. 
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Makin Mobile Episode One Released!

After successfully growing the business in Birmingham for two years, we started to look at other markets within Alabama that could be good potential second markets for expansion. After much consideration, we decided that Mobile and Baldwin County would be the perfect second market to scale our business.
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How to Find a Good Realtor

Finding a good realtor can be a critical step in purchasing your first home or…

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Real Estate Negotiation Tips & Tricks

By, Maura McGraw, Featuring Aziz Shunnara Negotiating the purchase of a real estate asset can…

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How to Find & Keep Good Contractors

Finding good contractors can be very difficult, so here are a few tips that might help you find and keep good contractors. 
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4 Tips for Managing Construction

As I close out construction at one of our flips this week, I thought I would share some of my tips and lessons learned for managing construction over the past few years. While construction is not overly complicated, it is somewhat of an art to properly manage a project and make sure that things run efficiently and on or under budget.
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How to Get Started Investing in Real Estate

You are probably aware of the many benefits of investing in real estate, but getting your first property can seem overwhelming. There is no one “right” way to get started investing in real estate. People choose many different starting points, but the following 4 steps will help you get started building your real estate portfolio, regardless of which asset class you choose to focus on.
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3 Steps to Designing a Great Flip

Some people have a natural gift for color, texture, and reimagining spaces. I have many talents, but having an “eye” for design is not one of them. Learning how to design our flips is a skill that I have had to learn and hone over the years.
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6 Major Items to Look at in Investment Properties

When looking at potential single-family investment properties, I like to personally inspect six major maintenance items: 1 - roof, 2- foundation, 3 -plumbing, 4 - electrical, 5 - HVAC, and 6 - water heater. These are the six major components that usually cost investors money, so here are a few tips about what to look for when evaluating each item.
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Investing in Real Estate as a Hedge Against Inflation

Rising inflation is one of the biggest fears in the market today. By May, some economists expect headline inflation could be running at an year-over- year rate of 3.5% or more. By comparison, the headline rate was last at 2.5% in January, 2020. This begs the question, “what should you do to hedge against possible inflation?”
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Why You Should Invest In Mobile, Alabama

Duratus Properties recently turned 3 years old on March 11th! We are so happy to look back on all that we have accomplished over these past 3 years! There are big things on the horizon for Duratus Properties including our recent expansion into the Mobile and Baldwin County markets.
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